Daniel Yomtobian

He came. He saw. He conquered! That is exactly what Dan did, and in a limited time period. Daniel Yomtobian was able to create and manifest his destiny in the online world.

The Internet is a dimension with endless possibilities and potential. One man's profit could create opportunities and fortune for others. Just like Daniel the Internet is complex and limitless. Danny Yomtobian took risks and faced challenges in his life in order to lay the sturdy foundation of his future.

WayInternet, Findology, ABCSearch.com are all pieces of Daniels foundation and have provided him with a highly promising career. The journey has just begun for a young entrepenuar who has seen it all.


Daniel Yomtobian must continuously navigate the information superhighway as new jargon and information seem to constantly emerge. Some of these are: search marketing, page ranking, PPC, PPP (pay per page), database marketing, web development, hosting, search engine optimization, link building, targeted search algorithms, online advertising, ad campaigns, creatives, keyword research, etc.