Danny Yomtobian - Success

Danny Yomtobian is one of the unique few young individuals who have experienced success in the Internet based business segment. Possessing a unique record of unsurpassed achievements in search engine marketing, he has been steadily growing as a an expert in his field.

Consulting with w3dan.com is a way of learning about key tools and methodologies that would help you rank better and make more out of your online presence.

Through steady exposure and gathered expertise in online advertising he has gained the ability to focus on the big picture and formulate strategies to provide better value to customers. Danny Yomtobian continues to explore every useful aspect of online advertising and trade to make sure that all avenues are explored, discussed and then deployed for achieving the optimum results for your products and services.


Today Danny Yomtobian is recognized as an expert in the Internet advertising field. He is invited to speak at industry conferences across the country and has been quoted by the media several times on related subjects. His brainchild, ABCSearch was featured on the back cover of the Fall 2005 issue of the 'Revenue' magazine.


Undoubtedly a young achiever, Danny Yomtobian has had an eventful career. His drive is a direct result of his attitude, aptitude, vision and determination. Danny Yomtobian is a visionary who is constantly looking for the next big opportunity or the next challenge to tackle. He has achieved most of his accomplishments at only twenty-seven years old. He continues to recieve invitatons to lectures and seminars.